It happens when there is a change in the BIOS settings or the essential system files have been lost. The partition where the operating system has been installed can also get corrupt, resulting in this computer problem. Here you will get two options for “Automatically fix file system errors” and “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors”. Choose one according to your need, click Start. Windows 7 users will get popup that gives you the options to automatically fix errors and to scan for bad sectors. It’s a good idea to check both if you want chkdsk to try and repair the problems when they are found.

  • You should assume that complete hard drive failure is imminent and begin to look for a new hard drive.
  • Scroll down to see the list of Apps and features installed in your computer.
  • Below is an additional resource alternatives to data recovery services providers.

Using this, you can recover all your lost data without any technical assistance in a few simple clicks. This is because hard drive has problem or computer gets other severe errors such as Windows becomes corrupted, operating system slows down or even crashes and freezes. What’s more, it’s really annoying to get this error as it reports continuously after every 5 or ten minutes. In many cases, this error message is the omen of hard disk falling, system crash, file loss, etc. It’s necessary to attach importance to the issue and find out reasons and solutions. This article is going to make a thorough analysis of the problem and come up with solutions.

Step 2. Repair the drive

Or, you can install the required plug-in by visiting their official websites. To tackle these situations, you can also use a nifty freeware tool Nirsoft BlueScreenView. The app looks into the system dump files and logs to figure what might have caused the problem. Alternatives include WhoCrashed and Reliability Monitor. In addition, there are the Application and Service logs, which show hardware and Internet Explorer activities, alongside Microsoft Office apps activities.

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What Are Windows Crash Logs?

For “System Refresh”, press “Windows” and “I” keys and then tap on “Change PC Settings”. Then pick the option of “Refresh Your PC Without Affecting Your Files”. Corrupted files on your system form the top cause of this error. If you find the live tiles display feature of Windows 10 a bit odd, you can always easily disable them. This fancy feature can be a resource-hog and requires the Start menu to stay open for you to see the live updates. Disable them one by one or use the Group Policy Editor to quit all of them in one go.

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Do you have other methods to fix the “computer won’t boot Windows 7” problem? Please leave comments in the following zone for sharing. In addition, if you have difficulty in download api-ms-win-crt-filesystem-l1-1-0_dll recovering data, please feel free to contact us via . If the system protection is enabled, it is usually configured that the restore points are created automatically when you install a new app, driver, or update. Navigate to overclocking configuration page.

DISM will use Windows Update to provide any files that are needed to fix corruption. If you skip this step, System File Checker might not work. Windows 7 and Vista users can skip this step. Most probably Windows update issue would be resolved by this step and you will be able to update your Windows to the latest version via Windows Update.